Piano Bar Live Online with Kenyon Dye

     Ah....the "Rig"  The goal: replace 5 large , heavy objects with 2 large heavy objects.  It's just not healthy or practical to drag around 1200lbs of equipment by yourself...every night.  In fact, after injuring myself, it was imperative to reduce to daily load. Also, the "Grand Piano" shell contains much of the electronics, which must be mounted securely as the piano is turned on it's side for moving.  
          The workbench shown contains all of the electronics housed within the piano.      
There is a existing wooden case which contains the video server and related switches/splitters. These cases must be combined.
          First, for compatability with the existing Piano Bar Lid, we position the 2-piece lid on a workbench. The wheeled platform you see will become the new Piano Bar Base.
          I simply built a box to hold the lid rather than a Baby Grand Piano Shell.
          Form follows function when I build a piece of equipment.  The whole purpose of this project is to simplify set-up/tear-down and reduce equipment strain. (constant plugging and unplugging pieces)
          You can see the basic design take shape.
          Now...very , very important placement. Since we are starting with a blank sheet of paper, we may try many different configurations.
         Then...the Lid...2" of oak....2 large pieces  70lbs apiece....a bit of thought and the Skil saw turns it into a managable "Drop-Leaf" Piano Bar. 
          A bit of finishing..some rope lights...and on it's way electric motor. This will be the only motorized, Internet Broadcast Capable, Multi-Media Midi Mobile Piano Bar!!!

Stay Tuned!!
          Here it is...the first motorized multi-media broadcasting mobile Piano Bar!! The motor package was supplied by Haulz-all ( It is capable of carrying 650lbs at 3mph. It works great! 24 volts, remote control, really makes my life easier. It's permantly mounted on the end, so at the end of the gig, crank it up and go!!